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AESSChallenge 24h

The statement is given to the teams with a basic kit and a plastic limit for the 3D printer to develop the 24h challenge.

This Kit serves to develop the basic objective of the test, however, in the statement, there are other optional objectives given. The intention is to help each team follow a different strategy according to their abilities.

To be able to develop, additional materials are needed besides the basic kit, to achieve that material; the teams will have to trade points for items in the “store”.







  • Teams can be formed from 3 up to a maximum of 6 people
  • Organization will provide a basic kit to each team in order to complete the purpose.
  • The design has to be developed during the event
  • There’ll be an area called ‘factory’ with 3D printers available to use.


Jury Criteria and Scoring Methods

The competition score is based on the accumulation of points. There are two ways to acquire points:

  1. Achieving objectives
    1. Main objective. It is the minimum target that every team has to overcome and the most points awarded.
    2. Secondary objectives. Teams must decide which goals are able to overcome or what are most profitable for your design. There are several goals for different specialties (electronic, communications, industrial, computer …).
  2. Performance. After 24 hours elapsed, teams must demonstrate the effectiveness of their designs. There’ll be a competition based on diferent tests.

Teams may also exchange some of their points in ‘the store’, where they can find better components to accomplish their purposes. So the teams will have to make a design with the best quality/price ratio.

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