Processing course in February 2013

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Processing course in February 2013

processingCreate compelling interactive audiovisual computer applications. Learn how to connect Arduino with Processing and use their media libraries and the microcontroller + computer combination.

Processing was originally developed to serve as software to teach the basics of programming using visual content. Has evolved to the point of being used for professional jobs today, developing a powerful despite its simplicity. There are already thousands of students, artists, designers, researchers and hobbyists who use Processing to prototype simple applications or for commercial products. Join them!

Course Outline:

  • Drawing and 2D and 3D animation
  • Basic rendering with OpenGL
  • Creating interfaces
  • Working with audio (play, record and filters)
  • Working with video (play, record, filter and view)
  • Threads in Processing
  • Network Communication
  • Serial Port communication with Arduino or other device
  • Export to Javascript
  • And more!

This course has a workload of 20 hours.
The price of this course is 60 € for students of the UPC and € 90 for people outside the UPC.

Worth 1 free elective credit ALE for students of the ETSETB. Get in contact to ask about other centers.

This course combined with any other (except robotics) is validated for 2 ECTS.


  • Arduino + Processing (100€)
  • Advanced Arduino + Arduino + Processing (140€)
  • Processing + Android (100€)
  • Advanced Arduino + Processing (100€)


Moorning: 9h to 13h

Processing examples:

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