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XV International Robot Tournament AESSBot ’12


The International Robotics AESSBot’12 Tournament is back again! This year AEESBot celebrates 15 editions and to celebrate it we have prepared a lot of suprises and new features. First of all know that the tournament will have place at the 30th edition of the Salon Internacional del Comic, which will be held at La Fira de Barcelona near Montjuic.

The tournament pertains to the event Robots en su Tinta, which is a project that aims to popularize science and technology, and will show how the comic reflects robotics on its vignettes.

As well as the tournaments, many activities organized by various entities related to the robotic world (exhibitions, workshops, conferences, etc.) will have place in the Salon Internacional del Comic.

If you like robotics or you want to know more about this world you already have a plan on the 5th May. We are waiting at the Palacio nº8 of the Fira de Barcelona at Montjuic.

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If you have a robot and you want to know us better or you have questions about the constest, please read the contestants guide.

The general rules about AESSBot’12 are here



In this category two 3kg robots will engage in an endless fight until one of the opponents is thrown out of the ring. It’s forbidden to damage the opponent.

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As its own name suggests this is a reduced version of the Sumo category in which the weight and dimensions are smaller to give a new perspective of the robot design.

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Line follower

In this category the robot of the participant has to complete a circuit formed by a white line over a black background in the shorter time possible.

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In this category the contestants sprinters will run two at a time on the same circuit. The contestant who touches its opponent will be the winner.

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There are two categories: One is an obstacle race and lasts two rounds and the other are combats between the humanoids based on Yuhkoh.

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In this category the robots made in the “Curso de Iniciación a la Robótica de AESS Estudiants” will fight in a mini-sumo ring.

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