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XVI Concurso Internacional de Robótica AESSBot’12


The competition took place in the Barcelona Developers Conference event on 7 and 8 December 2012 at the Maritime Museum of Barcelona.

The participation of the competition was open to everyone that he owned a robot that met the standards for the category you would like to participate.

You can check the rules here.
You can check the results of AESSChallenge24h here.

And if want more information about AESSBot and AESS Estudiants, you can read you this presentation document






Two 3kg robots will fight each other until one of them falls out of the rink. Destroying the opponent’s robots is forbidden.

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It is a smaller version of the sumo category in which the size and weight has been reduced giving the robot design a twist. 

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Line Follower

In this category the robot has to complete a circuit formed by a white track over a black background in the smaller time possible.

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In this category the robots will sprint in pairs. The race will end when one of the sprinters touches the other’s back.

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AESSChallenge 24h

Teams have to design and construct a robot in 24h which completes various objectives using only the material provided.

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In this category are involved the robots from the Introduction to Robotics Course by AESS Estudiants, that will fight in a mini-sumo ring.

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